Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pulp Alley - Captain America Game - Pulp Alley Solo Deck

Pulp Alley - Captain America Game – Solo Deck Game

For those that may have read the other Captain America session report that I did, this game is not a follow up to that.  My plans for a follow up requires painting of more figures, as well as some terrain, so it may be a while before I get that one ready.  

This game is another playing of the Captain America and Bucky league against the Nazi Blitz Squad.  I want to playtest the superhero ideas to ensure that they are super enough, but not too super so that things remain competitive.  

Whether playing against an opponent or even playing solo, you want a good game!

Captain America has been tasked with locating secret plans, hidden by the French Resistance, in this small coastal grouping of buildings.  Unfortunately for Captain America the Germans have captured the French Resistance and found out what they did with the plans (though not the exact location in the village).

I played this as a variation on the Trail of Clues scenario.  The initial plot point was located in the center of the buildings, basically equidistant between both starting groups.  Once that was retrieved by either side they could place the next point and after that the last one, which would be the location of the papers.  

Since I was trying to get to the first plot point I decided to give Captain America and Bucky the initial activation.  That is where the Solo Deck for Pulp Alley shines.  It messed up my plans the way an opponent would.  Bucky and Cap started out getting hesitation cards (yes I did shuffle the deck).  This delay was enough for the Germans to get moving and reach the first plot point.  

Finally Captain America was able to get moving.  Of course that was after a Watch Your Back card came up.  Once more, the Solo Deck really tried to prevent me from winning.  I have to say that it really does "play against you".  It is not a sure thing that you are going to be able to do what you want because the deck has enough spoilers to make it tough.  


The first plot point was claimed by German Rolf. At this point Cap had just started moving and Bucky was still enjoying a leisurely stroll though the town.   It seemed like the deck was making Bucky enjoy a nice relaxing stroll while Captain America shouldered the fight.  

 Captain America charged forward to do battle with the Germans!

Despite being outnumbered Cap didn't hesitate to take on the hordes!
 Cap began by launching his shield against the enemy.  

Two of the three enemies fell to his shield.  The third took a hit but was able to dodge it.  
I allow those he is trying to hit with the shield to use Dodge since it seems to make the most sense.  Though a large figure, Hulk, Giant Man, etc might try Brawl (i.e. try to catch it).

 Captain America followed up the shield throw by charging into Rolf and a gang of Germans.  
Meanwhile, Bucky was KO'd by the Germans. 

Captain America was able to knock out Rolf and eliminate enough of the gang so that they retreated out of the fight. 

He was then able to get the plot point that Rolf had possessed.  

Things began to look up for Captain America.  A bunch of Germans were down, so was Bucky though, but he now had the first plot point.

Cap through his shield at Stahl Mask.

The template is off to the side of him (where technically he would not be hit) because it wouldn't balance on his head and I wanted to take the photo).  

And was able to KO him!
Captain America rushed to the next plot point and was able to capture it and eliminate the other German gang.  

At this point the turn limit had been reached.  Captain America had two plot points (and could position the third).  The Germans were almost totally eliminated from the board.  The game was called and Captain America was able to locate the secret plans.  Now to deliver them to the Allied secret meeting...

This was a really fun game.  Using the Solo Deck from Pulp Alley really makes for a fun, challenging experience.  This is NOT simply you trying to play the best for both sides.  The deck really throws things at you that you need to deal with.  It does work both ways, there are bad things and there are good things.  You just don't know what you will get.  

I really do like Pulp Alley!  It really is a great, flexible system. 

Until next time...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Pulp Alley - Doc Savage League

I put together a Doc Savage based league for Pulp Alley.  It is based on being a flexible league. 

I created Doc as the leader (obviously) and the other characters at different levels (Sidekick, Ally, and Follower) so that I can mix and match the league based on the scenario or situation. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Doc Savage - A well dressed man...

Everyone tends to think of Doc Savage as the ripped shirt guy on the covers of the Bantam reprints and even the new, Wild Adventures of Doc Savage.

While Doc did sport a ripped shirt or even shirtless in the original pulp covers, it wasn't always the case. 

One of the ripped shirts on a cover   

Also, looking at some of the interior art we see Doc and his aides wearing suits a lot. 

I guess that while the ripped shirt look, may look like a man of action, I sort of like the classic, 30s look of the suit and tie.  He might end up with a ripped shirt by the end of the adventure, but I don't think Doc started the ripped clothing trend. 

Of course anything is better than the Marvel comics vest that Doc wore

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pulp Alley Solo Deck - Captain America vs the Blitz Force

Captain America and Bucky are tasked with guarding a top-secret Allied conference somewhere in England,  Of course, the Germans have learned of this conference and have launched an attack hoping to capture high ranking Allied officials, including Prime Minister Churchill.

The Germans unleash a new, surprise weapon against the conference.

"Uh, Cap, what is that?"

Once she decided the conference held no further interest for our four-footer intruder, the game itself began.

The game was being played as a straight out brawl.  The plot point was the control of the building and thereby those attending the conference.  I was using a Cigar Box Battle Mat for the general playing area.

Cap and Bucky were developed as a Duo.  I have another version of both that I have as part of the team The Invaders.   The Blitz Force is a Mastermind league.  This league includes two Gangs.  I couldn't find anything saying you can't have more than one and I had the slots available.  

For the Pulp Alley Solo Deck you have to determine which side will activate first and draw a card for the first three activated characters.  

I decided to let the Germans activate first,  Cap's big feature is his brawling and the ability to throw his shield.  For Cap's shield throwing I use his shoot ability and the plastic Long Burst template.  The template is placed and any figures that the edge touches are attacked,  

Here is an example from another game:

The three figures that the template touches will be attacked by the shield.  If a figure was in the center to the template and not touched it would not be attacked.  The template represents the arc of the throw.

The Blitz Force was advancing through the forest so I was not allowing the template to be used until they were out of the trees,  He could throw directly at a person but any attack was against only that person.

Figuring that neither Cap or Bucky could do much against the enemy until they were within reach, it seemed to make sense to allow the Germans first activation.  

They advanced slowly through the trees, looking for a chance to launch their attack.

One thing I quickly realized that Cap and Bucky were at a decided disadvantage.   The German force was able to begin to envelop them so that multiple angles of attack could be used.  

Despite playing solo I figured that an actual player would exploit this and so did I.  Cap and Bucky had bad luck with both cards and dice rolls,  I realized that things were not going well when Cap,took multiple hits and began losing health.   Then he want down.  

At first he was able to recover and get up but was quickly put back down.

I allow Cap two chances to recover (to reflect the Super Soldier serum).  The first turn he failed recovery.  He also failed the second time and was out by turn 3.

Bucky now stood alone against the Germans.  I figured the best course of action was to begin falling back slowly and continue shooting as I moved.  Of course the card was:

The Germans began swarming and attacking Bucky.

Herr Stahl advanced upon the house.

And Bucky fell

Cap and Bucky were down and the Germans were able to secure the Allied dignitaries.  

What will happen?  Will the Allies lose the war because of this?   Only time will tell...

Just FYI, I had actually played these leagues before and Cap and Bucky beat the Germans.  Just an unlucky day for our heroes.