Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pulp Alley - World War 2 Normandy Firefight

To highlight the versatile nature of the Pulp Alley rules I decided to go to something a bit more standard than the last couple of games I have done, a standard World War 2 fight between American Paratroopers and the Germans during the Normandy invasion. 

The battle takes place in the early hours of the invasion, at night.  To reflect this I had each player roll for spotting each time they wanted to shoot at someone.  They had to spot them first.  If they failed to spot it still counted as their activation (they were busy trying to see where he went). 

The Germans hold a house and the Americans goal is to get it and see what it may hold.  Around the house are some supplies that the Americans may be able to use. 

The main plot point is for the Americans to secure the house with supplies being minor plot points. 

Taking out German guards silently is also important to the Americans.  If the German guards spot the Americans they can send out an alarm and the main German force will activate.  They are considered to be in the building. 

The Americans have a small, but tough, band of paratroopers.  Two are equipped with sub-machine guns and the other two with rifles. All have knives for silent kills. 

The German guards are positioned randomly around the board.  To determine their location I use a 12 sided die and roll for the direction from the house that they will occupy.  They will be 12 inches away, in that direction.  If it would carry them off the board then I either re-roll the direction or shorten the distance (depending on which would be needed). Unfortunately for the Americans most of the guards end up closer to where they will be entering. 

Americans have initiative and begin moving through the woods. 

Collins moves up and is trying to sneak up on the German guard. 

The guard will move randomly and will roll for spotting as needed for anyone in his front arc.

For the guard movement it is another d12 roll to determine the direction.  Distance is the standard walk distance for the figure.  

The Americans all move first, and then the random German guards.

One of the German soldiers moves and this puts him right in front of the American. 

It looks like the Americans are having a bit of bad luck already.  The German can't help but spot the enemy.  He is able to raise the alarm and this brings on the rest of the German force. 

The main force is deployed outside of the house as they move out to engage the American invaders.

Despite the Germans being alerted the American are not going down without a fight.  Barnes spots one of the guards, opens fire, and the guard goes down.   

The American player has the promo card Fightin' Dirty and is able to take out the guard that spotted them.

At least he suffered for having spotted the American troops.  

The main German force moves into the woods to engage the Americans.  The Americans are able to pick off the guards but begin losing to the main force.  

Two of the four paratroopers fall and the American;s decide that it is better to pull back and attack with a stronger force later.  

The Germans have won this small battle.  

Pulp Alley is really a great, versatile set of rules.  I have run WW2, superheros, and pulp games, all with the same rules, and they work.  Next year I want to get some French and Indian War figures painted and try some F&I War skirmishes.  

Looking forward to another year and what awaits for Pulp Alley in 2017,  

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pulp Alley - Captian America Civil War Game

Finally got the Captain America Civil War game to the table.

This game took a lot of preparation to do.  I would guess several months of gathering the figures, doing research on super powers, creating appropriate powers within Pulp Alley and a ton of other things.

The plan was to play this at my brother's house over Thanksgiving break.  Because of that, I wanted it to be portable.

Overall, it went well.  I do need to paint the storage containers but considering that I finished them only a few days before use, I didn't want to have wet paint being moved.  There are a few things I would do to simplify things but my brother, who is a big comic fan and played a lot of Heroclix, said that he liked this representation of superheros better than Heroclix. 

I will have to put together an organized write up of the special rules that were used.   There were quite a few. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pulp Alley The Train Robbery

After having discovered Pulp Alley a few years back, and having joined the Yahoo group, I have wanted to run a game using the train map located in the files section of the group.

Rather than playing the game as stated, I decided to play a train robbery where the gang was trying to steal a shipment protected by special agents.  The Mosley Gang, led by Bertrand Mosley and the beautiful Clementine Williams have been terrorizing the law by stealing anything they can.  The government, trying to avoid bad publicity, hires the secretive Aurness Agency Service to protect the shipment.  The crack detective, Faulkner Hutington will be in charge.

Faulkner stations his men throughout the train.  The car containing the cold will be in the center for better protection.

Wesley Barker has been assigned the position of protecting the train engineer and fireman.  The engineer has even provided a nice bat as possible protection if he needs it.

Faulkner Hutington will be roaming the train and providing assistance as needed.  His primary goal, to protect the gold.

 Rosco Culter is in the gold car.  His job, to stop anyone from getting in.  The car is sealed against intrusion, but you never know. 

The crate containing the gold.  Unmarked so that anyone trying to steal it will have to spend time searching for it.  

Claude Carter, with his long range weapon, is positioned in the caboose.  Anyone trying to attack from the rear should think twice.  

As the train exits a tunnel several thuds can be heard on the roof of the various cars.  Could it be??

Gunner Slade has landed first.  His job will be to secure the engine and "convince" the train crew to stop the train.  

Next is Peter Conrad.   He will backup both Mosley and Gunner, depending on where he is needed.  

The leader, Bertrand Mosley.  He will be going for the gold himself.  He is carrying enough explosives to blow open any obstructions.  

The beautiful and seductive, Clementine Williams.  She will vamp and woo her enemies and then shoot them dead. 

Last, but certainly not least, is Charlie Arquett.  His goal is to secure the caboose and then move forward, securing cars as he goes.

The gang members all had to roll against a random challenge to see what happened to them when they landed.  Anyone that failed the challenge, and took hits, had to roll successfully against their recovery to remain in action.  Otherwise they would fall off the train.

Out of the five gang members only one actually failed his challenge.  That was Charlie, but he passed his recovery rolls and was able to continue on.

The top of the train cars was considered perilous.

So far the Mosley Gang was very lucky.  Would it hold out???

Faulkner, with initiative, activates and, realizing something bad is going on, begins to move towards the gold car.  

The rest of his side positions themselves for possible attack.  

 Barker has taken up cover in the coal car, trying to move closer to potential danger while staying away from har. 

Clementine uses her powers of Seduction (which is actually Dread Gaze) and stops Rosco in his tracks.  

When the chance arises she then guns him down.  He remains down.

Charlie jumps from the roof to the back of the caboose...

and is shot by Claude, but survives. 

Mosely plants the explosives and successfully blows the door to the armored car.  

Wesley is trying to get a shot at Gunner but Gunner is below him and from that position he is unable to shoot. 

What should he do?

Faulkner is able to stop Peter by charging him and KOing him.  

Now Mosley makes his way cautiously into the baggage car.  Who will be victorious in this fight?

Charlie activates and is able to shoot and take out Claude.  
Things are looking grim for the defenders. 

Gunfire erupts in the baggage car and Rosco falls to the bullets.  

Mosley is quickly able to pass a challenge to locate the gold.

Things are really not looking good!!!

Mosley and Clementine reunite and go to grab the gold. 

 Gunner cuts loose with a volley of lead and Wesley falls.

Faced with the proposition of dying or stopping the train, the crew decide to stop the train.  

After five turns only Faulkner was left standing for the "good guys" and the gang had only lost one member.  The major plot point, the gold, was in the possession of the gang.  

Things may not be too bright for the future of the agency.  Or is this all a ruse to follow the gang?  

We may find out sometime...  To be continued?  Maybe...