Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pulp Alley - Brawl at Barango Fire in the East / NJ Con 8

On Friday June 10th I had the opportunity to run a game of Pulp Alley at Fire in the East / NJ Con 8 held in Edison, New Jersey.

The game itself follows a previous game I ran a couple of years ago at Fall In.  The  Professionals,  an organization of ex-military, have been hired to locate a missing heiress.  In the first chapter they found themselves battling with the crew of Popeye and his sailors, while the evil Dr. Zin was able to secure the plot points.  

Fortunately Popeye realized that they were working for the same cause, and while he was unable to continue on the quest at this time, he was able to provide important information to Loyce.  

The opposing league would be Morgan's Raiders.  Morgan Fantine is a mysterious figure that nobody really knows exists for real.  Some say it is a woman and some say a man.  Either way, this organization is know to "locate" and secure items of value.  The basic goal of their group is their own wealth.  

A third league, that I played, was basically a spoiler group who was to cause as much trouble for everyone else as possible.  

I also had a fourth league ready if anyone else was playing.

Overall board setup.  The area on the other side of the hills was out of play.

Jepson's Hideaway.  This would be an important part of the story for The Professionals under leader Lee Loyce.  

Supplies and store house

Chris was running The Professionals and Amy Morgan's Raiders.  I controlled a third "spoiler" league that was to cause mayhem for all.  

The main plot point was not on the board but would appear once one player controlled two plot points.  

Lee Loyce quickly made his way to the supplies plot point.  It took a couple of tries but they were able to complete that plot point. 

Morgan Fantine moves into the swamp. 

Amy made her way into the perilous swamp area and was able to complete the challenge to secure a plot point. 

I brought my Samurai force into contact with The Professionals.  This resulted in back and forth hand to hand combat over the next several turns. Finally we were able to dodge move away and disengage from the brawl.

While I was busy in the brawl and moving my forces to try to block both The Professionals and Morgan's Raidders, Freya, from The Professionals, was able to move past my forces and get into Jepson's Hideaway.  

The Professionals had a goal of locating "Jep" who could help them find someone known as Duff.  

Freya began by questioning the man in the wheelchair but he didn't know anything so he referred her to Jepson behind the counter.  

Jepson was aable to provide her with the information that she needed; the identification of the person known as the Duffer.

I tried going after Freya but she was able to put Chang Chang down.

The plane of The Professionals was a point for Morgan's Raiders.  They needed to break into the plane to search it for information about  what Loyce's force was searching for.  

Clyde kept failing to gain entry but was able to recover and try again.  Eventually it took Morgan to come over to help but they were able too secure the information needed.  

Jace, of Morgan's Raiders kept trying to secure another plot point but kept failing.  I don't remember exactly how many times he tried but finally he was able to secure it.  

The Professionals were also able to locate and gather the information from "Duffer", so called because  he always has a golf club, about the shipment for the evil Dr. Zin.  

The final plot point was positioned near the center of the table, almost the same distance from all three of our forces.  Loyce was able to reach it and secure it first.  

At this point Loyce had the main plot point as well as the information that he needed from The Duffer, and the supply plot point.    Morgan had two plot points and the information they needed from the plane of The Professionals.  My mysterious organization hadn't really accomplished much of anything.  

We had been playing for a couple of hours and we decided to call the game at that point.  

Everyone said that they had fun and wouldn't mind playing again, which to me is always a good thing.  

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  1. That looked like great fun! Wish we could have been there.

    THANKS so much for playing and sharing Pulp Alley.

    Pulp Alley