Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pulp Alley - Rumble in the Jungle

This past weekend my wife and I decided to play a game of Pulp Alley.  She has been interested in it, due to my interest, but hasn't played the game.

Rather than digging out everything that I own and set up a table I had purchased a Cigar Box Battle Mat and a Gamemastery pack of maps for jungle terrain (including a nice temple).

The terrain obviously doesn't have the 3d impact of a usual miniatures game but makes for a nice easy setup for a quick game.  Since space is limited it is nice to have a way to play a game without having to get out everything I own to play.

The game pitted her league of Morgan's Raiders against my league of Smithee's Smashers.

Morgan's Raiders

 Smithee's Smashers

Morgan's Raiders is actually a "generic" league that I have.  It is led by Morgan LaFantine.  Since Morgan can work for a man or woman I can create two league rosters, with two different leaders pictured, and can have either a man or woman leader.   That way if a woman is playing the game and wants to play a woman character it can work or if a man wants to play a man character it can also work.  

The Smashers are a literally generic.  They are led by Colonel Allen  Smithee (which you may not know, is a generic name used by film directors to disown a project).  It also features John Smith and John Q Public.  

The game opened with me having the initiative.  

Colonel Smithee moved toward the closest plot point.  

Unfortunately he wasn't able to reach it.

Meanwhile Morgan's crew had Clyde go for the first plot point closest to them.  He tried and failed at obtaining the gem.

Meanwhile my group prepared for the battle to come.

Morgan's forces skirted around the jungle (which was defined as a perilous area) to approach me group.

Despite me having the initiative Fletcher the dog, was able to attack and defeat, John Smith.

With initiative switching sides Jace Hutchinson activated and was able to shoot John Q. Public.  

I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with the rolls I was producing but decided to go for the main plot point gem since Singh was close to it.  

Jace was able to get behind Singh and kept plugging away at him from behind.   Fletcher kept Luther Blisett (apparently a rap music pseudonym) busy, and the Colonel couldn't do much of anything right.  

Finally Jace took out the wounded Singh and Morgan was able to seize the gem.

Luther was finally able to hit Fletcher but Jace shot Luther for that action.  

With only the Colonel left active, and most of the plot points seized by Morgan's Raiders, time for the game ran out.  

The Smashers had suffered a defeat at the hands of Morgan's Raiders.  

My wife enjoyed the game and said she would like to play again.  

Hopefully next time I can actually do something with my dice rolls.  

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  1. Great to see a game report like this. I need to get my wife interested in gaming. :)