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Fall In 2014 Pulp Alley Game

Fall In 2014 AAR

Pulp Alley - Death Comes Unexpectedly!

Each player was given a dossier.  It contained information about the storyline, about their league, and other items of "flavor"

This was the packet for The Professionals.  They had various information that came from Conrad Cunningham, the man who hired them. They knew that Mary had hired a local sailor but not the name of him. 

A mysterious letter from a friend of wealthy Conrad Cunningham set things in motion. His discovery of a seemingly lost civilization was the catalyst that would propel events.

The entire series of events was set in place my a rather cryptic article in a local newspaper.  From there the information spread around the globe, reaching those that were good and evil.  Mary Cunningham traveled to Guam via Clipper and there hired Popeye to transport her to the mysterious island.  

One of Mary's companions was mysteriously taken ill while at Guam.  Due to the schedule that Popeye had to keep they were forced to leave him to be tended by the medical staff there.  Unfortunately they later found out that he had died.  It seemed odd that something like this had happened so quickly to someone in such good health.  

Popeye had dropped the expedition off at a nearby location, where they had hired diggers and porters to help them survive the mysterious island. 


Several shots of the board before the game started.  The last is a "publicity shot" of Lee Loyce posing on the bridge.

The game was set for four players but we only had three.  Carl was playing the Popeye League.  He had been hired by the missing Mary Cunningham to resupply the expedition.  Popeye had no idea that Conrad Cunningham had enlisted any help, in the form of The Professionals.  

Each of the dossiers contained clues.  If read through they may be able to glean the information.  For example Lee Loyce and The Professionals knew a sailor had been hired and Popeye happens to be a sailor in this game.  Coincidence?

The other two players, Andrew and John, were The Professionals and the evil Wolf Organization, respectively.  

When Mary  hadn't been heard from in some time, past the point that she should have at least sent word home, Conrad Cunningham had contacted Lee Loyce of The Professionals.  His payment, a blank check.  Most of the people that hired him didn't realize that the cash he collected wasn't just for him.  Most went to help others around the world.  His organization of well trained men and one woman, were the best trouble-shooters the world over.

The Wolf Organization is headed by the evil Dr. Zin.  His had secretly kidnapped the expedition and returned to the camp location to eradicate anyone looking for them.

At the start Carl had initiative and quickly moved Popeye and Bluto toward the first two plot points.  He started on the opposite side of the river, which was a perilous area, from the other two leagues.  This allowed him to move a bit faster.  

At first everyone began moving and pretty much tried to get into position and see what the others would do.  Nobody, except Dr. Zin of  The Wolf knew what had happened to the expedition.  He had secretly captured the group and spirited them away.  Only he knew that they were searching for the lost kingdom of Prestor John and The Fountain of Youth!

Popeye and Bluto on the move

Popeye moved quickly towards the first plot point and reached it.  He was nimbly able to jump over a tricky root and found the prize in his grasp.

 Meanwhile Dr. Zin and The Wolf Organization sent one of their followers across the river first.  They didn't want to take a chance in case some peril befell him.  At this point most of the players weren't really playing cards against each other, or to help themselves for that matter.  This meant that they were able to move across the perilous river and bridge without issue.
The Professionals crossed further upstream from Dr. Zin, almost in the face of Popeye.  Would the honorable sailor and the USMC veteran realize they were working for the same side?  No.  Gunfire erupted between The Professionals and Popeye's crew. 

Zin and the Wolf crossed downstream from the waterfall and quickly made their way toward the field of skulls plot point.

 The combat between Popeye and The Professionals erupted and continued fiercely for several turns.  Initiative changed hands numerous times throughout. 

 At first it seemed like Zin's league would not be able to complete the plot point but with the evil mastermind's assistance they were able to gain control of it. 
Popeye began losing members of his crew.  The Professionals certainly lived up to their name as bullets and fists flew without them taking any serious damage.  Lucky Lady Freyja survived everything thrown at her.  At one point it seemed like all of Popeye's crew was firing at her. 

While this fight was going on, Popeye's sidekick Bluto, was able to secure another plot point. 
Meanwhile Ralston, made a dash for the major plot point, which was located in Mary Cunningham's tent.  As he peered through the opening, a giant snake wrapped itself around him and pulled him to the ground. 
Popeye and Bluto regrouped and soon realized they were the only ones left of their crew.  The rest lay unconscious on the field.
The Professionals had secured the river crossing from Popeye's crew but the fight had taken a toll.  Because it was so drawn out they couldn't make a dash for the plot points. 
The Wolf Organization made a dash for the major plot point but could not complete it. The wolf Shanto, was able to eliminate Ralston though. 

Is that something lurking in the brush?  Yes, it was a tiger.

In the end Popeye and Bluto each had secured two plot points.  The Wolf Organization had only one and The Professionals none.  Nobody had captured the major plot point.

At the end everyone realized where they had went wrong, with The Professionals trying to eliminate Popeye throughout the game it had slowed them down.  They also then realized that Popeye might just be the sailor that Mary had hired.  Unfortunately, hindsight is always 20/20.  

While Dr. Zin hadn't found the journal of Mary Cunningham (the major plot point) he was in a good position to capture it but time ran out.

Everyone said they had a good time and I hope that I did Pulp Alley proud.  It was a lot of fun for me too!

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  1. Nice post love the set up & the story line, as someone who's only starting to get into pulp alley I got to say this is the kind of stuff I hope to be doing.